Hello and welcome! I’m Stephanie Tsai Karlik.

Born in the cornfields of Nebraska and having pursued linguistic and cultural studies in California, Argentina, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Indonesia, I appreciate the value of venturing out into the unknown, encountering new experiences, and deeply embedding myself into diverse societies, all while keeping an eye on culture.

While receiving my M.A. in international relations in Tokyo, specializing in cultural anthropology, I completed ethnography projects on Latin dancers in Tokyo's underground salsa scene, on Hindu plays and Balinese dancers in Bali, Indonesia, and on "new gold rush" Chinese-American professional migrants to Shanghai, China. In late 2019, I’ll publish a creative non-fiction novel entitled Shanghai Seduction, a colorful and realistic portrait of Shanghai's French Concession foreigners' scene in a time of great growth, wealth, and expansion for China's sexiest cosmopolis.

I now combine my extensive world travels, research background, multilingual skills, Asia expertise, and classical design training to bring innovative ideas into the world. What’s reflected in this Mizugiri portal is a combination of thoughts, reflections, and research into feng shui, holistic design, design thinking, interior design, interior architecture, and global trends.

Thank you for stopping by, and please let me know how we might connect!

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

Qualifications & Certifications:

2017; Interior Design Certificate Program; Otis College of Art and Design; Los Angeles, CA.

2015; Hado Instructor (Love, Gratitude, and Mindfulness) Certification; Hado Institute; Tokyo, Japan.

2014; Advanced Feng Shui Certification; American Feng Shui Institute; Los Angeles, CA.

2012; M.A. in International Relations; Cultural Anthropology Focus ; Waseda University            

             Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies; Tokyo, Japan.

2010; Japanese Language Program Completion; The Naganuma School; Tokyo, Japan.

2007; Korean Language Program Completion; Korean Language Institute; Yonsei University; Seoul, Korea.

2005; Advanced Chinese Language Certification; National Taiwan University; International Chinese Language Program; Taipei, Taiwan.

2004; B.A. in International Studies, B.A. in Spanish; Valedictorian; Pepperdine University; Malibu, CA.

2003; Spanish Language Certification; Universidad Nebrija; Madrid, Spain.