Getting Tantric with Russell Simmons at Tantris Yoga

What happens when you combine the diverse passions of a hip hop mogul turned yogi like Simmons? Don't tell the most traditional of Indian gurus this, but you get totally amazing "Let's Get it On" yoga. It's raw; it's fun; it's sensual; it's playful; and it doesn't take itself that seriously. People gyrate. People vibe. People laugh. People are loose. It was one of the least "serious" yoga classes I've been to well, ever, making it one of the most refreshing yoga classes I've been to well, ever.

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Interior Design 2017 Forecast: On James Bond, Donald Trump, and Bad and Boujee

I think the cultural zeitgeist is best summed up by Migos and the "Bad and Boujee" music video, which is all over the place these days. It's time to pop champagne and get money money. Even if we're just new money. Who cares? We may eat Cup O' Noodles and fried chicken at fast food joints, but we roll in with gold bottles of champagne, wear every piece of gold jewelry we own on our person, and wipe our lips with Versace scarves; we may eat cheap Chinese but our Chinese take-out boxes are Chanel; we may be rapping outside of a building in the projects, but we pulled up in a BMW SUV, rock shoulder-padded women's power suits, and will whip you senseless with a Moschino belt if you question us. We're bad. We're boujee. And we want everyone to know it.

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Japanese Designer Masamichi Katayama Creates our Meta-modern Future

The Katayama designs speak for themselves. And this is brilliant advertising for Lexus, obviously.

But beyond that, I think it's a sign of what's to come as more and more brands will likely do this kind of interdisciplinary design and advertising in the future. In this case, auto design meets interior design meets product design meets cafe meets chill-out space meets big cities meets urban consumers. Rigid lines between distinct design and commerce arenas will continue to disintegrate, and boundaries will blur as we move deeper and deeper into post-modernity. That's my prediction. And not just mine, I'm sure. Be on the look-out.

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100 Doors with Andy Dane Carter: On the Real Estate Hustle, the Spiritual Path, and Tipi Game

Perhaps the most compelling reason to pick up this financial book is that it wasn't written by a wolf of Wall Street; it was written by Andy. He describes himself as "dyslexic and a poor student," emphasizing that his book is about creating a new belief system: "Financial empowerment is not a mythological dragon with two heads, nor is it only for the top 1% of the world. Look, if I can do it, anyone can do it. You can be working at Starbucks, have your parents paying for your insurance, and you can still be a millionaire in ten years."

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Tokyo Design Week 2016: To Live in a City

At Tokyo Design Week, I was able to see some fresh ideas on natural design in urban homes, one of which was this "To Live in a City" home.

From an indoor pillow pit for sunbathing to a star-gazing indoor bathtub, this home opens up the mind to all kinds of new possibilities in new-age home design.

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Tokyo Design Week 2016: A Tiny Home in Tokyo

Ever wondered what a tiny home in Tokyo might look like? I have.

As urban areas all over the globe become more densely populated, we'll need more varied solutions for housing people and making their lives more comfortable. This kind of design could be adopted anywhere.

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September Feng Shui Resolutions: Family & Community

Some might call it euphoria or ecstasy, but I just call it flow. Any time we engage in activity that absorbs our attention, we become anti-ruminative, we feel instead of think, we learn to "be" instead of to analyze, and we do wonders for our health and well-being. Humans love to flow. Moreover, humans love to flow together.

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Sustainability in a New Age with Chris Goldie

When you talk to Chris, his energy and passion for environmental issues and sustainability are infectious. And despite his project being in its fetal stages, you can't help but think that he and this project are going somewhere. Raw potential fills up the space of the room when he enters. We naturally talk about sustainability, design, and the future. I was particularly interested in understanding how designers like myself could meaningfully integrate sustainability into our work. And I mean that. Not mere lip service to that which is labeled "green," but real, serious, and honest sustainability.

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