January Feng Shui Resolutions: Health and Wellness

  • Green cleanse.
  • Exercise more.
  • Go to sleep earlier.
  • Worry less.

My first month of resolutions, January, is devoted to health and wellness.

This is because the center of the bagua is believed to be connected with health. Without our health, there is little we can do in other arenas of our lives. Good health is central to all other life endeavors.

Accordingly, January was a time for me to pay attention to my foundation: my health.

The specific items I'm focusing on under the category of health include diet, exercise, sleep, and mindset.

After the holidays, I needed to assess my diet. Too many indulgences were creeping into my overall healthy eating lifestyle. So I enrolled myself in a forty-day green cleanse. This is not a juice fast, a starvation diet, or anything else resembling an extreme diet that results in yo-yo dieting. It is, however, a plant-based, alkaline-rich style of eating that aims to bring more healthy nutrients into our bodies and to push more sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and carb-heavy foods and liquids out of our bodies. It's kind of like hitting the reset button on our brains so we can remember how to make healthier choices and have a plant-based foundation for food. While in a lot of other countries, the food choices that abound make primarily natural, plant-based eating an easy thing to do, unfortunately, in the United States, this is not so easy. But it is possible. My fridge is currently full of lettuce, kale, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, green onions, green peppers, spinach, cabbage, and other beautiful greens!

Today is day 14 on the green cleanse, and I feel great. I feel skinnier, lighter, more energetic, healthier, and happier.

Having a healthy diet has also made exercise easier to approach. When your body feels light, you want to move it a lot. And that's what I do. I walk more. I jog more. I bike more. I do yoga more. And I'm considering getting into another form of exercise that's more martial artsy in nature. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is happening more. Walking to places in my neighborhood instead of driving is happening more, as well.

Being this active also means that I can go to sleep earlier and sleep better. Expending lots of energy during the day makes my body feel calm and at ease come nighttime.

And that translates into an earlier wake-up time. I wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and able to welcome a new day. Creating rituals has also helped with this: morning meditation is one of those rituals. Meditation connects me to gratitude for a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to be my best self.

When I'm grounded like this, I worry less. Worrying less was the last action item on my January resolutions chart. Worrying is the opposite of having faith. Worrying is wasted energy. Worrying sucks. Why worry? Don't do it. It's not worth your time and energy. Pour your anxieties into productivity. Do the things that you can do. That's all we ever could do.

And that's the general gist of January.

What's your feeling towards your health? Are there things you can do to improve it? If so, are you doing those things? Are you treating your body like a precious object?

If not, try to think about it, and then try to do something about it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just give it a little bit more attention than maybe you normally would. Having good health is also knowing not to obsess over health matters but to have balance.

By devoting a period of time to analyzing and improving our health, we're able to move onto the other bagua arenas of life in future months with greater confidence in ourselves.

This translates into "good feng shui" in our bodies, our homes, and beyond.