November Feng Shui Resolutions: Prosperity

Hi, friends.

Wow, what a month November was. I don't know about you, but I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the sea-change we experienced this month. No matter how you feel politically, I think everyone felt the effects of so much societal tension. It was taxing, exhausting, and explosive. I've personally had enough of the banter and am only making space for lucid, logical, sound, and civil debate. We must do what we can to live up to our highest ideals and for me that includes the values of equal respect for all living beings, reverence for other people's journeys, gracefulness in my conduct, and perhaps above all, forgiveness. I'm far from perfect, but this is how I try to live.

In the midst of such havoc, it was particularly challenging this month to stay calm and even-minded. And it's for that reason that I made my pre-set November feng shui resolution to focus on prosperity an even higher priority.

Last month, I devoted time to the subject of wealth. To differentiate between wealth and prosperity, I chose to define prosperity as more of an abstract abundance than actual money. In that sense, prosperity would then come to represent an acknowledgement of all that I had and sharing that with others.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and I hope you, mystery reader, do too if you examine your circumstances. Fresh water. Abundant food. Clean (ish) air. A roof over my head. Clothes on my back. Working limbs and organs. Friends. Family. Purpose. That I have all of those things is truly miraculous. Think of the grand picture of all the moving parts of the universe, and if you insist on bringing it down to Earth, then just think of all the moving energy on the big blue dot (a la Carl Sagan). To be here, alive and in the flesh, is a miracle. Sometimes we forget this. We want everything in life to go our way, and it can't. It just can't. So when I wake up, I imagine that I'm granted nothing in this life. None of these things are to be taken for granted. I start the day at zero. Every single occurrence and micro-moment can then be better seen as a blessing. Like, "Wow, I have legs! Watch me walk!" Or, "Oh my goodness. It may be 6 A.M., and the cat is calling, but I have a cat living in my space that looks to me for food, shelter, love, and care. What a beautiful little being!"

Turning that mentality on its head, we view our possessions and our blessings as a given, and we curse the world when we have less than what we think we ought to have. We start the day at 100 and every moment of annoyance or disturbance is a debit to our expectation that all would go our way. "Legs?! Of course I have legs!" Or "That pesky little cat just demands food all day long. What a burden." This is no way to live.

Gratitude gets you everywhere. And when you're grateful for what you have, you're more inclined to see yourself as a "prosperous" person. I may not have it all, but because of my attitude toward life, I feel I'm rich in many ways.

See, it's not about being actually fuck-you-rich, despite what this hypercapitalist post-modern state might try to tell you about what you should aspire to. It's about being in a state of ease and appreciation in your life that translates into goodness all around you. This state brings all that you need.

I'd like to point out that this is not an encouragement to ignore actual suffering in the world. There is real suffering, and there are people who truly lack what they need to lead happy, healthy lives. If you are one of those people, please reach out to those who can assist you, including me if I'm able to. Do your best to understand and express your needs and reach out. This is also a reminder to all of us who have our basic needs met to help those less fortunate. We never know what has happened in a person's life to bring them into a state of desperation and extreme need, so let's do our part to lift them up alongside us.

If you are in a place of relative comfort and abundance, as many of us in the United States are, share with others. Sharing doesn't have to take the form of tangible objects, though it might, it could also be in the form of good vibes and positive energy.

So this month, I made it a point to share my possession of good energy through some good old-fashioned laughter. After that last election cycle, we all needed it. Light-heartedness. Levity. Laughter. Things have been so heavy lately; lightness is so needed. Someone in your midst will surely benefit from it.

Another way in which I defined prosperity this month was in the way of knowing my worth. There are so many devaluing and dehumanizing messages out in the world these days, it's sometimes hard to remember that you are a beautiful, bright being worthy of the utmost of care, love, and respect. Knowing your worth means that after you've done the hard work of cultivating a solid character in yourself, you go out into the world and get those same characteristics reflected back at you.

Other ways you might share your prosperity are to invite friends over for a party or share something small with a friend. Make a handmade gift. Buy someone lunch. Add value to people's lives. And as always, make sure to give back to yourself. We must take care of ourselves first before we can be as generous as we want to be, so for all you nurturers, caretakers, and givers out there, get on that self-care path: take a long bath, massage yourself, buy yourself a treat, block out time for you and only you, indulge a bit!

So, friends, I hope that this month and onward, you'll be able to take some breaths away from what the media would have us believe are the most important events in our lives and focus on the real most important event in your life which is your own inner being. Don't let the chaos get you off-kilter for longer than necessary. Come back to love, happiness, acceptance, generosity, respect, and warm-heartedness.

Remember that when we pay attention to the nine bagua areas of our lives, we create balance and harmony in our environment. We're more in tune with ourselves; we know our priorities; we act with conviction; and we take care of the people and things around us. This, of course, creates a strong resonance in our surroundings that in turn, comes back to us. Through the process of resonant synchronicity or entrainment, we all feed off of each other's energy. Just one person's positive resonance, if the person's strong enough, can drastically change an environment.