Sustainability in a New Age with Chris Goldie

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Chris Goldie on the subject of sustainability in a new age. Chris is a strategy and operations consultant for Sure Power Consulting, a sustainability analyst, and an aspiring entrepreneur.

He's now in the process of developing a minimum viable platform called Zerolife, designed to help people live a more sustainable life. The project will soon go through value and growth hypothesis testing.

When you talk to Chris, his energy and passion for environmental issues and sustainability are infectious.

And despite his project being in its fetal stages, you can't help but think that he and this project are going somewhere. Raw potential fills up the space of the room when he enters.

We naturally talk about sustainability, design, and the future. I was particularly interested in understanding how designers like myself could meaningfully integrate sustainability into our work. And I mean that. Not mere lip service to that which is labeled "green," but real, serious, and honest sustainability.

Chris broke down sustainability for me into easy-to-understand terms, essentially emphasizing these points:

  • Sustainability is living a lifestyle that doesn't negatively affect our environment; it aims to protect the environment; it's a holistic issue and its solutions need to be holistic.
  • Three major arenas for sustainability analysis include firstly the arena of homes. With homes, we look at their water efficiency, their energy efficiency, and their renewable energy capacity. Secondly, transportation, for which we look at mass transportation possibilities. And thirdly, with food, we look at things like supply chains.
  • Cultural resistance to sustainability and energy conservation in the U.S. is a force to be reckoned with, but there's a language and a way of speaking about sustainability that can lead to better, more progressive outcomes.

And so with that, I leave you with our chat, a most fruitful one and hopefully a springboard for further conversation about this very essential subject to our being: