December Feng Shui Resolutions: Accomplishments

Hello, everyone. December was the month of accomplishments on my feng shui resolutions chart. Accomplishments. All of us have them. Some of us more than others. But no matter. Accomplishments are important. They remind us of who we have been, who we are, and who we aim to be.

In the West, it's much more socially acceptable to tout one's own accomplishments but in the East, it's really not that socially acceptable at all to toot one's own horn. You let your accomplishments speak for themselves. In Asia, the likes of Donald Trump would be muzzled faster than you can say "Sayonara," and I've grown to love the way in which many Asian cultures prioritize humility over hubris.

But like with everything else, there's a middle ground. What could be the healthy balance between the self-aggrandizement of the West and the extreme modesty of the East? I believe it's good old-fashioned assertiveness about who you are, where you came from, and what you've accomplished.

Feng shui encourages us to be proud of our achievements. It asks us to frame our awards and display them in our homes. This isn't necessarily done to create showpieces in the home for others to consume, but to remind ourselves, on a daily basis, of what we've done in this life.

This doesn't mean that we have to define ourselves by those accomplishments, but it could mean that we allow them to take stage in our lives.

And why not?

Life can be so hard on its own sometimes. We need reminders. We need motivation. And fire.

So go ahead. Give yourself license to be proud of yourself. If that means framing awards in your home, then do that. If that means just patting yourself on the back, then do that. Or if that means telling someone you're having a conversation with the things that you've done thus far in your life and career when relevant, then do that.

No overindulgence. No boasting. Just truth.

Remember that when we pay attention to the nine bagua areas of our lives, we create balance and harmony in our environment. We're more in tune with ourselves; we know our priorities; we act with conviction; and we take care of the people and things around us. This, of course, creates a strong resonance in our surroundings that in turn, comes back to us. Through the process of resonant synchronicity or entrainment, we all feed off of each other's energy. Just one person's positive resonance, if the person's strong enough, can drastically change an environment.