Getting Tantric with Russell Simmons at Tantris Yoga

What happens when you combine the diverse passions of a hip hop mogul turned yogi like Simmons? Don't tell the most traditional of Indian gurus this, but you get totally amazing "Let's Get it On" yoga. It's raw; it's fun; it's sensual; it's playful; and it doesn't take itself that seriously. People gyrate. People vibe. People laugh. People are loose. It was one of the least "serious" yoga classes I've been to well, ever, making it one of the most refreshing yoga classes I've been to well, ever.

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September Feng Shui Resolutions: Family & Community

Some might call it euphoria or ecstasy, but I just call it flow. Any time we engage in activity that absorbs our attention, we become anti-ruminative, we feel instead of think, we learn to "be" instead of to analyze, and we do wonders for our health and well-being. Humans love to flow. Moreover, humans love to flow together.

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Feng Shui FAQs

Feng shui's got a major PR problem. For some people, feng shui’s absolutely a good thing. For some, it’s absolutely bad. And for a lot of people, they may have no idea what feng shui actually is, it just sounds cool.

As a person who integrates feng shui into my design work, I believe it’s my duty to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the field. Feng shui, like anything else in life, is neither an entirely good phenomenon nor an entirely bad phenomenon. It just is. And the more we try to understand it, the better we can be at forming a relationship with it that's sensible and healthy.

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