Japanese Designer Masamichi Katayama Creates our Meta-modern Future

The Katayama designs speak for themselves. And this is brilliant advertising for Lexus, obviously.

But beyond that, I think it's a sign of what's to come as more and more brands will likely do this kind of interdisciplinary design and advertising in the future. In this case, auto design meets interior design meets product design meets cafe meets chill-out space meets big cities meets urban consumers. Rigid lines between distinct design and commerce arenas will continue to disintegrate, and boundaries will blur as we move deeper and deeper into post-modernity. That's my prediction. And not just mine, I'm sure. Be on the look-out.

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Tokyo Design Week 2016: To Live in a City

At Tokyo Design Week, I was able to see some fresh ideas on natural design in urban homes, one of which was this "To Live in a City" home.

From an indoor pillow pit for sunbathing to a star-gazing indoor bathtub, this home opens up the mind to all kinds of new possibilities in new-age home design.

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